10 people I want to meet

There are 10 people I would really like to meet in the world some are dead and some are alive… This is a post about challenge 1.


10.  Babe Ruth; He was a really good baseball player. He changed baseball forever.

Question: Was anyone your inspiration?

9.  Jennifer Lawerence; She has a amazing sense of humor (which I wish I had) and she’s a really good actress.

Question: What is one of your funniest moments on set?

8. Adele; She is an amazing singer who’s always struggling with something but she always overcomes it and is ready for her next task.

Question: What is the toughest struggle you’ve overcome?

7.  John Adams; He is one of my relatives and he made a impact on U.S. history.

Question: What is it like being president?

6.  James Patterson; I’ve read about 7 of his books and he is an AMAZING writer. I look up to his writing style

Question: Where do you get your inspiration?

5. Steven Speilberg; He has created so many amazing movies and has changed the movie world dramatically

Question: What’s your favorite movie that you’ve created?

4.  Albert Einstien; He is considered one of the smartest people of all time.

Question: What do you think about technology today?

3. Sandis Ozoliņš; One of my dad’s favorite hockey players. My dad always talks highly of him, he even named our cat after him.

Question: What is one of your favorite hockey moments?

2. Vince Young; He was a really good football player and i’ve always enjoyed watching him play.

Question: What is your favorite football team?

1.  The person i’d really like to meet the most is my Great Grandfather; He died 15 years ago and people still talk about him everyday. He was always laughing and always telling really funny jokes.

Question: What do you think about our family today?

6 comments to 10 people I want to meet

  1. Serious says:

    Cool. I know someone mained Adam. He is sitting next to me. He is awesome. Babe Ruth is awesome too.

    Come to my blog some times too.


    copy and paste it.

  2. gnguyen2019 says:

    Adele is a good singer!! I really like Rolling in the deep and Someone like you!! Her voice is amazing!!

    Visit my blog please: http://blogs.mytas.edu.vn/cindysbc/ Thank you!!

  3. Lisabeth says:

    A very interesting list of personalities. However, the most touching is that you want to meet your great grandfather. If he’s such an unrivaled person, isn’t it a good idea to make a post about him?
    I suppose some ordinary people are much greater than those whose fame is just a fad. So was my grandmother.

  4. Sydney M. says:

    You have a very nice blog! I especially like your background. I also liked all of your blog posts, especially this one for the first student blogging challenge. My favorite part is where you asked Jennifer Lawrence about some of her funniest moments on set. I too agree that she is just hysterical and has a really great sense of humor. I love watching all of her interviews and listening to her talk about all of her funny moments on set. Overall, you did a really nice job on this blog post and I hope you continue to keep up the good work. Please check out my blog as well! – http://www.sydneymoportfolio2013.blogspot.com

  5. Jarred H. says:

    Babe Ruth is my favorite baseball player of all time. He is the greatest hitter to ever play the game of baseball. He was an outstanding person on and off the field. Vince Young was one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch but now it’s Peyton Manning.

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